Over this summer I've read this list of CV papers:

  • [1] The SVM-minus Similarity Score for Video Face Recognition- L.Wolf & N.Levy
  • [2] In Defense of Sparsity Based Face Recognition- W.Deng, J.Hu & J.Guo
  • [3] Face Recognition in Movie Trailers via Mean Sequence Sparse Representation-based Classification- E.Ortiz, A.Wright & M.Shah
  • [4] Fusing Robust Face Region Descriptors via Multiple Metric Learning for Face Recognition in the Wild- Zhen Cui et. al.
  • [5] Towards Pose Robust Face Recognition -D.Yi, Z.Lei & S.Li
  • [6] Single-Sample Face Recognition with Image Corruption and Misalignment via Sparse Illumination Transfer- L.Zhuang
  • [7] Facial feature detection using Haar Classifiers - P.Wilson & Dr. J. Fernandez
  • [8] Robust and Efficient Parametric Face Alignment -G. Tzimiropoulos
  • [9] A Practical Transfer Learning Algorithm for Face Verification -X.Cao
  • [10] Self-taught Learning: Transfer Learning from Unlabeled Data - R.Raina
  • [11] Face Recognition: A Literature Survey - W. Zao
  • [12] PCA vs. LDA - A.Martinez & A.kak
  • [13] Local Linear Regression (LLR) for Pose Invariant Face Recognition - X.Chai
  • [14] Toward Pose-Invariant 2-D Face Recognition Through Point Distribution Models and Facial Symmetry- D.Gonzalez-Jimenez & J. Alba-Castro
  • [15] Face Recognition Using Eigenfaces -M.Turk & A.Pentland
  • [16] Eigenfaces vs. Fisherfaces: Recognition Using Class Specific Linear Projection- P.Belhumeur
  • [17] Two-Dimensional PCA: A New Approach to Appearance-Based Face Representation and Recognition -J.Yang
  • [18] Face Description with Local Binary Patterns Application to Face Recognition - T.Ahonen
  • [19] Face Authentication Using Adapted Local Binary Pattern Histograms -Y.Rodriguez
  • [20] Robust Face Recognition via Sparse Representation -JWright
  • [21] Extended SRC Undersampled Face Recognition via Intraclass Variant Dictionary - W.Deng
  • [22] Gabor Feature Based Classification Using the Enhanced Fisher Linear Discriminant Model for Face Recognition - C.Liu
  • [23] Robust, accurate and efficient face recognition from a single training image: An uniform pursuit approach - W.Deng
 Out of those, we decided to implement the Sparsity Based algorithm discussed in [2]. To do that, first I will implement Fisherfaces, as practice and to use as a comparator with the algorithm I'll be writing.


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