Work over the summer

I started working on this project in December 2013. First, I had to learn Android programming. I knew iOS and Java programming so after a few tutorials and guides i was able to make a rudimentary app. After that, I moved onto what is going to be the backbone of the project, OpenCV.

Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) is an open source library for computer vision. Its built focusing on speed and eficiency and its written in C++. It has a variety of wrappers, including a Java and Android wrapper, wich are the ones that i will be using.

OpenCV was a bit more challenging than Android, as i had to learn how to link native code (C++) with the Java code, while understanding the C++ code. But by the end of December I had managed to construct an app that detects faces on real time. Then I moved on to choosing what algorithm I would use.

As I mentioned before, I will be using an sparisty based Face Recognition algoritm. I will also implement the FisherFaces algorithm to use as a control algoritm. February I spent implementing Fisherfaces.


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